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We asked attendees of our registered manager networks to tell us about their experiences with their local network and what other managers can get out of attending.

Our local networks are a great place for managers to meet and talk to other managers and find support. We know how important they are to registered managers and these case studies demonstrate what current attendees think of their local network, what they get out of attending and why they recommend other managers attend.


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Anita attends the Coventry network. Her service provides home care, as well as care through supported living, for people across a range of specialisations.

Anita says..."When I’m with other registered managers, I can hear their fears too. It’s reassuring. Networking is really useful in making me feel less alone in a very isolated job." 

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Errol attends the Black Country network. His service provides accommodation to people with a range of disabilities, including physical, learning and sensory, requiring physical or nursing care.

Errol says..."We don’t have a support team 24/7, not for every single aspect of the job. If I do need to know something though, a network can help." 

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Essie attends networks in South and West Yorkshire. Her service provides home care services to people in the community, supporting with personal care, domestic tasks and companionship.

Essie says..."The network is a great place to talk about things that concern you, things we feel we can’t really address directly with local organisations. It’s all confidential." 

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Hannah attends the West Lancashire network. Her residential service works with people living with mental ill health, to help them recognise when they are becoming unwell and take preventative measures to avoid relapse.

Hannah says..."Being able to connect with other people, even informally, and talk about anything that’s on your mind - that’s empowering."

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Janet has attended our Staffordshire and Black Country networks. Her service provides home care to those in later years to help them remain in their own homes, encourage autonomy, and where possible to be involved with self-care.

Janet says..."Care work is stressful. A lot of the time you’re on your own making tough decisions. That’s where the registered manager networks really help – knowing there’s someone out there who can help you."

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Melissa attends the Shropshire network. Her service provides home care, live-in care and other care provisions to those in the Shrewsbury area.

Melissa says..."It’s quite a strange situation to be in, when you want to shape your own career. That’s where the networks can help. You benefit from being out and about, learning from other people."

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Rebecca attends the Cheshire West and Chester network. She’s the director and manager of her service, which provides home care and live-in care in the area.

Rebecca says..."The networks are all about developing camaraderie - we’re all in it together and the more networks you can get into, the better." 

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Rosaline attends the Staffordshire network. Her service, based in Burton-on Trent, provides home care, live-in care, respite care and other services.

Rosaline says..."You’ll always learn something new about registering, legislation - especially with all the changes with CQC - it’s very important to network." 


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Anna attends the Mid Kent network, and has been a registered manager since 2020. Her service specialises in providing bespoke case management services to people who have sustained catastrophic injuries resulting in complex needs.

Here she shares her views on the connections she’s made through networking.

Anna says..."When I’m with other registered managers, I can hear their fears too. It’s reassuring. Networking is really useful in making me feel less alone in a very isolated job."



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