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Our Registered Manager Reference Group informs and provides feedback on Ƶ’s work, sharing their expertise, experience, advice and enthusiasm.

We want to ensure that our work to support registered managers, including our membership offer to registered managers in England, is shaped by the experiences and views of managers.

The group meets four times a year and is made up of registered managers representing different service types and settings, from across England. Many of the group are actively involved in their local registered manager networks, with some taking on the role of chair or co-chair of their network.

Members of the group provide insight and guidance, feedback on sector-related challenges and help to test and review new Ƶ products (e.g. Good and Outstanding Care (GO) Online). They also support Ƶ to raise the profile of the registered manager role and grow the recognition of its importance and complexity.

You will hear from members of the group as they regularly contribute to blogs, articles and interviews. 

Examples of members’ wider involvement and contributions to the sector beyond Ƶ

  • The Health and Social Care Select Committee: members of the group have been invited to provide oral evidence to the committee. In March 2022, this included sessions on recruitment, and retention with a particular focus on sector-related issues affecting women and ethnic minorities.
  • External groups, panels and initiatives: with Ƶ and as part of wider activity they are involved in, members of the group sit on external groups and panels to champion the role of registered managers and be ambassadors for our sector, as well as get involved in other initiatives, such as contributing to research.
  • The group are represented on our Workforce Development Forum, an advisory group to the Ƶ Board.
  • Prime Minister’s event for social care staff (autumn 2021): members of the group nominated frontline social care worker colleagues to attend the event, which was arranged to thank the sector for their efforts during the pandemic.
  • NCF Managers Conference March 2022: members of the group were invited to join a registered managers’ panel session to talk about the importance of registered manager networks and peer support, and how registered managers can play a positive and influential role in the wider community, both locally and nationally. 

Meet our members

Angela has been a registered manager for six years and arrived in adult social care having already gained considerable management experience in other sectors. She is passionate about sharing information, management training, coaching and support.

Angela says: “I feel management training, coaching and support would be more readily available and part of the employment package if the role had professional status”

Carly started her career in health and social care as an apprentice when she was 16 years old. She worked in various different sectors of care and worked her way through various NVQs and roles within this sector. Carly has been a registered manager for three years and is committed to supporting and developing the abilities of her staff, and takes great pride in seeing them accomplish their goals and ambitions.

Carly says “Being a part of this group allows me to support a great team of managers in the recognition of how important health and social care is, to so many individuals, but also the outstanding work being provided by the most selfless, dedicated, and passionate care team”. 

Jason has a passion for values-based leadership, which he has applied as a registered manager across services including learning disabilities, older people and dementia. He has recently completed an MBA in public service management where he achieved a distinction. This included the development of a new conceptual tool (scale) for measuring ethical and effective leadership as part of a self-appraisal.

Jason says: “Service quality starts with the manager and is demonstrated in distributed, effective and good leadership”.

Karen has been the Registered Manager and Director of Active Social Care Ltd since she set the company up in 2002. Currently rated Outstanding the company offers Supported Living and Day Care Services to people who have learning disabilities, autism and behaviours that challenge Providers.

Karen chairs the Kirklees Registered Managers Network and is a board member of the Kirklees Care Association. 

Karen is dedicated to working with all care partners to innovate, problem solve and continuously develop the provision of high quality, personalised and equitable services that change lives.

Lara is the registered manager of LDC Care an Outstanding rated service in Kent. Lara contributes to multiple boards and sector programmes, as well as leading her local registered manager network.

Lara says: “As managers in care we have a responsibility to share sector pressures and best practice, as well as strive to improve the industry as a whole for both prospective employees and the individuals we support”.

Laura started working in adult social care as a carer, progressing through a series of roles until becoming a manager in 2015. During her time in care, she has also been a trainer and mentor. Laura is the chair of the Coventry Registered Manager Network, who have established their own annual care awards for local services.

Laura says: “I have specific knowledge with dementia care and end of life care. I also have knowledge in different aspects of training and development”.

Lorrie has been a registered manager for 15 years and is also the Director of EveryCare (Wessex) which she set-up in 1997. Lorrie is passionate about raising awareness of the role and work of homecare staff, and seeing it recognised as a professional career.

Lorrie says “A national membership organisation for registered managers can only be good to enable recognition and to be a voice to share concerns, good practice and future developments”.

Marlene has been a registered manager for 12 years and is passionate about her role. As a network chair in Watford, she has seen first-hand the importance of bringing managers together and has seen links grow between more than 40 managers in her area.

Marlene says: “Registered managers need the support of other registered managers”.

Information coming soon....

Paula has been the registered manager of Kineton Manor for 19 years. Paula has an academic background in South Africa as an assistant professor in nursing at the University of the Free State and 19 years’ experience as a care manager in England.

Kineton Manor is a Teaching Care Ƶ (facilitated by FONS), accredited with the Gold Standard Framework for palliative care and takes part in research (a member of ENRICH for more than five years).  Rated Outstanding in 2016 and 2019 and rated Good during the pandemic in 2021.

Paula says: “One of my skills is to motivate and empower my staff and to communicate with my dearest residents and fulfil their wishes. I have experience in providing outstanding care and building a happy and skilled workforce”.


Information coming soon.... 

Rebecca is a registered social worker, with over 30 years’ experience in both children and adults’ services. She is passionate about the sector and supporting people by providing quality services. Rebecca is the chair of various partnerships in North Lincolnshire and represents the private sector for all local providers, and she is also the chair of the Registered Manager Network.

Rebecca says of her role as chair of various groups: “I will continue to embrace the opportunity to discuss the challenges we face as registered managers. We share expertise, best practice and seek to learn from each other in a safe environment”. 

Rebecca has been a registered manager since 2018. She manages a domiciliary care service and two small residential homes for people with learning disabilities, and her enthusiasm and passion means that she has already established strong links with other managers in her area. With a degree in Speech and Language Therapy, Rebecca feels strongly about the importance of effective communication between staff and people needing care and support.

Rebecca says: Communication is a basic human right and I feel it is extremely important that we meet the needs of service users in this regard”.

Ruth has been the registered manager of her family-owned service in Barnsley since 2013 and she has spent most of her working career in the social care and education sectors. Ruth is passionate about improving the opportunities and status of social care as a profession, and is involved in many other forums, including the Social Care Integration Workforce, the YHNE Executive Network and is the chair of the Registered Manager Network for Barnsley.

Ruth says: “Joining the Registered Managers Reference Group has enabled me to meet colleagues across the country, share ideas, concerns and best practice and develop my knowledge, as every day should be a school day”.  

Sue Ann has 19 years’ experience as a registered manager. Sue Ann is keen to share her knowledge and skills as part of the groups work to support the recognition and profile of the registered manager role.

Sue Ann says: “Having a membership organisation for registered managers in England helps to support registered managers, as well as shaping the way they work and how they are supported”.