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Watch our managing PAs webinar and event recordings for individual employers:

Preparation for better conversations for personal assistants and individual employers

Explore the principles of effective conversations and some of the ways you can begin to structure and plan and be confident in conversation. Learn about the benefits of communicating in a meaningful way for both personal assistants and individual employers. With practical tips and guidance we will provide a step by step approach towards improving clarity and understanding successful communication and the art of listening.

Duration 52 mins 20 secs


Understanding your responsibilities as an employer of personal assistants (PAs)

Understand what it means to be an employer, what it involves and the responsibilities. We also share information about resources that can be accessed, examples of good practice and a Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Duration 57 mins 34 secs


Person centred approach to supporting employers

Sam Wood-Ede who is a direct payments manager at Hertfordshire County Council talks about person centred approaches to supporting employers. Sam is joined by Christine (Chris) Fincham who is Care Cooperatives founder. This recording focuses on the journey Hertfordshire Council are on to develop it’s self-directed support offer for people eligible for adult social care, including the challenges and resistance faced. It looks at how our self-directed strategy was developed and why it is essential for professionals to offer self-directed support and the impact it can have when people are in control of their care and support.

Duration 19 mins 25 secs


Developing a toolkit for PA pay rates and national minimum wage

Mary Gardner from Sheffield City Council talks about why and how they developed a tool to help determine the appropriate rate of pay for PAs. Mary is joined by Blake Williamson, an individual employer who will share his experience of using the tool and the difference it has made.

Duration 17 mins 43 secs


National minimum wage – timed and unmeasured workers

This recording includes HMRC covering working time for National Minimum Wage (NMW) purposes and will go through some examples to make it easier for you to get NMW right.

Duration 5 mins 15 secs