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After the learning and development has been undertaken it's vital that you make some time to evaluate its effectiveness. This should be done on an individual basis during supervisions.

To help you do this use this simple evaluation template.

You should do this after each piece of learning and we'd also recommend that you analyse all these results together at the end of the period your training plan covers. This will help to inform and improve the next planning cycle.


Let's see how Registered Manager Rachel did this

Rachel created a learning and development plan for the service she manages which covers a 6-month period.

Straight after each learning activity she asked staff to complete a feedback form. When training was delivered externally she requested copies of the feedback the learning provider collected. She also asked staff for follow up feedback at 3 monthly intervals during their supervision sessions. She was specifically interested in how the learning has improved their practice with people accessing the support services.

Rachel collated all of the information and made notes about improvements she'd observed following the learning. She was also able to refer to other evidence e.g. satisfaction surveys and falls audits.