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Managing people means creating positive workplace culture influences so your team have to ability to meet the right working standards so they can deliver high-quality care.

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Leading induction for a positive workplace culture

This webinar shows managers and leaders that a quality induction doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to be planned and considered. Explore practical ideas to support new employees with an effective induction and learn how this helps create a positive workplace culture within your organisation.

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Duration 57 mins 11 secs



Leading effective teams - what works

Hear from Affina Organisation Development (AOD) who explore how they apply the inspirational research of Professor Michael West to shape day-to-day practice in leading effective teams in many settings. You will gather advice, tips and practical ways to lead effectively and collaboratively with your teams which you can apply back in the workplace.

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Duration 55 mins 42 secs



LGBTQ+ Good and best practice

Delivered in partnership with The Outstanding Society, this webinar includes representatives from the new OUT Standing Diversity Forum and the University of Strathclyde, sharing recommendations, advice and examples from adult social care services. It looks at how services can treat people as individuals, celebrate diversity, and support the wellbeing of the LGBTQ+ community within your service.

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Duration 1 hour 16 secs



Succession planning - Practical ways to identify, empower and develop future managers

Gain valuable insight into identifying emerging talent and supporting succession planning within your service. Explore how various services have effectively integrated succession planning into their operations, highlighting best practices that can be adopted. You will also learn about the development and funding opportunities available to support the growth of new managers and how to effectively demonstrate evidence to the CQC. 

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Duration 47 mins 58 secs



Effective supervision: Developing supervision skills to support your staff

Explore practical approaches to developing new supervision skills and how this benefits the staff you support. The webinar will signpost you to resources and tools from Ƶ to support supervisors and answer some of the most common questions that employers have. It also includes contributions from specialist learning providers and employers sharing best practice approaches. 

Duration 33 mins 2 secs



Having conversations about workplace race equality issues

Co-delivered with  this webinar looks at how managers can identify signs that discrimination is taking place and have conversations with staff about race equality to ensure inclusive practice. Acas also share their best practice guidance and highlight some of the resources and support available to managers.

Duration 32 mins 6 secs