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Our Workforce Intelligence team are the experts in adult social care workforce insight. The data we collect in the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set gives an unrivalled overview of the adult social care workforce in England.

Beyond the wealth of information already available publicly on our website you can commission the services of the Workforce Intelligence team to produce bespoke reports and analysis for your organisation or area.

We have over 15 years of experience in analysing and interpreting social care data - it's what we do


How we can help you



Place-based analysis small

Detailed geographic analysis

Detailed analysis of the data by alternative geographical areas. We can split our analysis into any defined geography, by postcodes or via a map.  

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Deep Dive analysis small

Deep Dive analysis

Detailed analysis of the data about a particular job role, service or variable. For example, domiciliary care, social workers or retention. 

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 Data retention report

Improving your staff retention

For employers, we can benchmark your performance on key metrics against other service providers in your area. Using data from the ASC-WDS we can see what employers with good retention rates do and then provide tailored recommendations to help you improve. 

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Problem solving report small

Data solutions to enhance a product or service 

We can provide bespoke analysis or feeds of data to enhance or improve a product or service that you manage. For example, we can provide pay data to improve the accuracy of a tool designed to calculate the cost of care. 

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 ASC-WDS data files and support

ASC-WDS data files and support

ASC-WDS raw analysis files, going back to 2012, are available on request via a data sharing agreement. We also offer support to help you understand the files, get the most out of the data, quality filters, problem solving and checking of outputs. 

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Partner with us on a bid

Partner with us on a bid for a project. Our experienced analysts can form part your bid team to help you win bids/tenders. We are able to offer expertise in terms of analysing social care data, contacts with social care employers or staff and sector expertise.  

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Everything you need to know about the Workforce Intelligence team

This video looks to provide an overview of the Workforce Intelligence team, who they are, what they do and the resources that they produce. It details the commissioning services and research options that the team can provide and how people can contact the team to do this. It also shows the impact this work has had on organisations that have previously commissioned services from the team.


 To find out more about our analysis services please contact us or email us directly at analysis@skillsforcare.org.uk


Our values

  • Ƶ is committed to improving the sector and outcomes for people that use services. Our team combine that commitment with many years of experience in understanding the sector.
  • We help people to understand what is already available and their options.
  • The raw data is available to anyone who wants it (just with an admin charge for sharing) – our paid for offer is for our time and expertise.
  • Bespoke work is in particular areas that we can’t cover in general outputs.
  • All projects we work on have a ‘good for the sector’ aim.
  • Any money we earn goes straight back into the sector.



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