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Peer support is a mutually beneficial arrangement which is ultimately about people helping and aiding each other through shared experiences.

Peer support may not formally be described as such and can be defined in a variety of ways, but all peer support aims to:

■ bring together people with shared experiences to support each other,

■ provide a space where people feel accepted and understood,

■ treat everyone’s experiences as being equally important,

■ involve both giving and receiving support.

We've worked in partnership with various peer support groups to create the following resources:


PDF- 61 KB
This document offers example principles and values to prompt you to define which principles and values suit the purpose of your peer support group.
PDF - 50 KB
Social media is a useful tool both for keeping in communication with your existing peer support group as well as reach potential members. This document offers guidance on best practice when using social media.
PDF - 136 KB
With-you Consultancy have been involved for over 14 years in supporting organisations with their introduction and implementation of peer support. Here, they share what they have learnt from being involved in peer support.
PDF - 101 KB
Good Boss Support Network is a support group for individual employers or the people who represent them. Here they share their story of how they have benefited from peer support.




Peer based approaches: empowering connections in adult social care webinar


Duration 59 mins 33 secs

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