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Being a personal assistant can be a very rewarding career, but don't take our word for it; hear from some people who work as personal assistants.


Meet caroline

Caroline is a PA for Claire, who has a learning disability and uses a personal care budget to pay for PAs. She works as a PA whilst studying at University.

Duration 2 mins 28 sec


Meet Kelly and Elem

Kelly and Elem work as personal assistants, supporting an elderly lady called Anne. Kelly previously worked in retail but after being involved in a serious accident, she decided to become a personal assistant as she wanted to help others. 

Duration 2 mins 59 sec


Meet Mo

Mo works as a personal assistant, supporting Helen with her personal care and social needs. He has worked in care for 9 years and decided to become a personal assistant 2 years ago. Mo has worked with many different people ranging from elderly people to younger people with learning disabilities.

Duration 2 mins 42 secs


Meet Sue

Sue is a personal assistant and supports Marta who has Freidrichs ataxia Sue has a long background working in social care before becoming a personal assistant. Sue supports Marta with personal care, housework and social activities. 

Duration 2 mins 7 sec


Meet Tuiji and Charlotte 

Tuiji and Charlotte are personal assistants for Anne who has advanced dementia. They support Anne in her own home with personal care tasks, meal times and social activities. Tuija was a city worker but decided to become a personal assistant to make a difference. Hear more about what Tuiji and Charlotte do!  

Duration 2 mins 10 sec