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Enhance the onboarding experience for new starters. Explore our resources and tips to ensure a warm and inviting experience for new starters pre-arrival.

We've developed the pre-arrival checklist to be used alongside the pre-employment checks risk assessment which ensures you have gathered all the relevant pre-employment vetting information.

Word - 30kb

This checklist will support you in planning what you need to do from an induction perspective before your new starter arrives.


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This checklist will support you in planning what you need to organise with your new starter 72-hours before they arrive.



Communicating before your new starter arrives

To create a sense of belonging, it’s important to regularly communicate with your new starter in the weeks before they join you. Sending them a welcome letter or email and keeping communication lines open by checking in every few weeks by email, text or a phone call provides opportunities to make them feel welcome and for them to raise any concerns or questions.

Word - 26kb

This template letter can be adapted and sent to new starters to create a sense of belonging.


Top tip: Call or make contact with your new starter, 72 hours before they arrive

Research has shown that this contact can make a positive difference. Even if the person has had a formal letter with all the details in writing, it’s a good idea to initiate a personal welcome.

It’s a great opportunity to communicate any change of plans and enquire about any issues with the agreed start date. This is especially helpful if the new starter will impact safe staffing levels. Making this a standard activity provides a great opportunity to potentially avoid a costly no show.


Supporting resources and links

Our induction plan templates can help you schedule the first few weeks.