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The provision of activity in a social care setting has many positive impacts on the health and wellbeing of people who need care and support.

From keeping active to overcoming loneliness, improving wellbeing and even reducing the rate of falls.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) recognise that although good care and support may be delivered, people aren't always engaged in meaningful activities on a regular basis; they may be ad hoc or not planned thoroughly, and generally left to one person to coordinate.

Print and display the below posters around your organisation to support you to incorporate meaningful activity into your daily routine. 

PDF - 52Kb
Use this poster in your setting to highlight why meaningful activity is so important.
PDF - 44Kb
This poster provides simple ideas of how you and your workforce can engage in meaningful activity.


Activity provision self-assessment tool

Assess your current activity provision by using the tool to:

  • identify areas actions where improvements can be made
  • identify who's responsible for each action
  • add timescales for all required actions
  • add details of completed actions.

The eight priorities of the self-assesment tool

The eight priorities are culture, environment, planning, resources, skills and social and community.

Each priority presents a series of questions about that topic area around activity provision. Use the questions for each priority to reflect on the impact on meaningful activity in that area.

Remember to save each document to your computer before you begin.


PDF - 1.87Mb

Reflect on the culture of your organisation and consider how this impacts on meaningful engagement. Having a positive workplace culture is fundamental to ensuring the wellbeing of your staff and delivering high quality care.

PDF - 1.94Mb

Assess the current environment of your organisation and how appropriate it is to facilitate meaningful engagement. Enabling people to take positive risks within a safe environment is important in the success of activity planning and engagement. 

PDF - 1.93Mb

To ensure an individual’s needs are met, you need to know the person to facilitate a lifestyle that makes them feel valued; maintaining links with people and things that are important to them. Review how you gather and record this information and how you make it available to needs it.

PDF - 1.86Mb

Social care managers leadership should be inspiring while delivering a safe and effective service to meet the needs of those who need care and support. Reflect on how managers can or should support meaningful activity throughout your organisation.

PDF - 1.91Mb

Planning is key to ensuring everyone who needs care and support is engaged in activity that is meaningful to them. Reflect on your approach to planning and the different aspects of activity planning that should be considered. 

PDF - 1.92Mb

The resources you have available are key in the provision of meaningful activity. Learn how to make the best use of your resources or where you may need to expand to make improvements.

PDF - 1.90Mb

Specific skills are required to ensure activity can be enabled and promoted within a caring environment including communication skills, motivational skills and core skills. Download the document to assess your current skill provision. 

PDF - 1.01Mb

Social and community links can be key to meaningful engagement. Review your current links within your community and learn to use relationships for the benefit of creating meaningful activities.



Eligible adult social care employers in England will soon be able to claim reimbursement for training costs for qualifying staff through the new Adult Social Care Training and Development Fund.