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Keeping the right people

Throughout May and June, we’re focusing on ‘Keeping the right people’ and how we can make sure adult social care has the right people now and in the future. Discover tips, resources and insights on ways to keep the right people.

Retaining staff is crucial. Once you have good people working in your organisation, you want to keep and develop them. Investing in workforce retention supports high-quality care, staff wellbeing, time and cost savings and positive CQC ratings.  

When we looked at social care employers with the lowest turnover rates across the country, we found that investing in learning and development, having a positive workplace culture and effective recruitment and induction practises were what they attributed their success to.  

Throughout our campaign we’ll be providing information and resources to increase understanding of what you can do to help retain your staff, as well as sharing practical tips and examples from across the sector. 

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Stay updated with our campaign by keeping an eye on this page, , , as well as our regular newsletters and communications.  We’ll be using the hashtag #KeepTheRightPeople. 
We’ll be sharing blogs and articles covering expert insights and real-life case studies, as well as signposting to further resources, projects, and other support.     



Top tips for retention 

Once you’ve built a strong and effective team it’s just as important to focus on the factors that make them want to stay. This includes pay, work/life balance, working culture, environment, career paths, and supportive managers. This guide offers tips and ideas on how to ensure your organisation is somewhere people want to work for a long time. 

Learn more about the 'Top tips for retention'  


Retention webinars 

Maximise retention

Sharing top tips and innovative solutions for staff retention and lots of useful practical ideas from other managers.   

Duration 31 mins


Nurturing a supportive workplace

Discover essential insights and strategies for fostering an environment that boosts staff morale, enhances wellbeing, and ultimately retains staff. 

Duration 50 mins


Induction toolkit

The toolkit will help managers plan and deliver a supportive and inclusive induction for new starters. It makes recommendations for managers around what to do before your new starter joins from on day one, into week one and over the following months with handy checklists and templates you can tailor to your needs. 

Access the toolkit


Positive culture toolkit 

A positive workplace culture leads to a happy healthy workplace with staff who enjoy their work and are more likely to stay. This toolkit will support you at different stages of your workplace culture journey to establish, maintain and improve your workplace culture so that it’s inclusive, compassionate and collaborative. 

Explore the positive culture toolkit for adult social care  


Flexible working guide 

Research shows that offering flexible working can benefit both employers and employees by increasing job satisfaction, work-life balance, and productivity. It can help you attract new people and retain the ones you have. This guide provides some practical steps and examples of how you can implement flexible working arrangements in adult social care. 

See the full guidance on flexible working


Learning and development 

Our data identified that being able to access training and having a relevant qualification were key factors which can support better staff retention. Workers feel valued because they can see you’re investing in them. 

Learn more about ways to develop your workforce  



Support for individual employers and personal assistants 

It's important for individual employers to train their personal assistants (PAs) to support their specific needs. This not only supports the individual employer to get the best quality care but also supports retention as PAs feel valued and developed in their role. 

PA toolkit

Our managing and developing your PA toolkit is full of resources to support the development of your PAs

Explore the PA toolkit

Funded training

We’ve funded 22 user led organisations to deliver training aimed at both individual employers and PAs. 

Learn more about the funding and the programmes available in your area


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