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Everyone has different motivations and ambitions and meeting these personal drivers is central to retention.

Findings from Secrets of Success shows that employees want good working conditions, such as guaranteed working hours, fair wages, flexibility, input into rotas and help with childcare costs, all of which can be incorporated into your terms and conditions and benefits package.

Employers who have a lower staff turnover go beyond the minimum requirements which means it’s worthwhile enhancing the benefits package on offer to retain staff.

Top tips: 

  • Involve staff in developing shift patterns and rotas to increase the flexibility of working patterns. Be conscious of the double-edged sword of zero-hour contracts in that they can provide flexibility for some and uncertainty for others.
  • Engage your staff to understand what benefits and improvements in terms and conditions would support and retain them, using this to tailor your benefits package.
  • Consider offering staff free meals, if your organisation provides meals and consider introducing salary sacrifice schemes where non-cash benefits like childcare vouchers, payments into pension schemes, bicycles and cycling safety equipment are provided. 

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Implementing a flexible working policy in social care settings requires careful planning, consideration of the unique needs of the sector, and adherence to regulatory requirements. Here are some practical steps and examples of how you can implement flexible working arrangements.

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