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The following leadership programmes and continuing professional development (CPD) modules and are delivered exclusively by Ƶ endorsed providers. 

Leadership programmes

PDF - 53Kb

This national development programme is for new and experienced managers in adult social care. takes a practical look at how to influence and implement the necessary changes to meet current and future challenges and service needs in health and social care.


PDF - 44Kb

This learning programme will help individuals to develop their leadership and management potential, gain knowledge and be supported and challenged to put this into practice.


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This programme is underpinned by models of leadership that can be practically applied to deliver change and promote best practice. It was designed to enable leaders to deliver care in line with the expectations of a well-led service.



CPD modules

PDF - 41Kb

This CPD module will help managers to explore the performance management cycle, recognise that people perform differently and utilise tools and techniques available.


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This CPD module will help managers to tackle isolation, manage time, build resilience and ensure wellbeing. It will look at techniques and tools which can support managers to self manage and understand when and how behaviours can influence and impact on others.


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This CPD module will help managers to explore the critical links between vision, values and culture, providing practical support to influence change and develop the culture of their service.

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