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We've developed a series of webinars for adult social care providers focussing on embracing apprenticeships.

With input from the Department for Education, employers, learning providers, and learners, these apprenticeship webinars will look at the latest changes to apprenticeships and give you valuable insight into effectively utilising apprenticeships within your organisation at all levels, and within a number of different disciplines.


Apprenticeship update in collaboration with the Department of Education (DfE) 

The Department of Education took the lead in this webinar which provided employers with the latest apprenticeship updates and how they may impact on the Care sector. We were also joined by employers who shared their experience of apprenticeships, how they make them work within their organisations and the impact they can have.

Duration 45 mins 24 secs


Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, Health and Care Management (CMI) in collaboration with Arden University

How can you or someone in your organisation progress beyond level 5? We are often told there is a gap in this area so we invited Arden University (a Ƶ endorsed provider) to talk about their new Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, Health and Care Management (CMI). This session covered the apprenticeship itself, how it's funded and how you could progress even further following its completion.

Duration 35 mins 48 secs


Level 5 Leader in Adult Care Apprenticeship and its potential impact on your organisation

In this webinar led by Access Skills Ltd (a Ƶ endorsed provider), we explore real examples of the impact that undertaking and completing the Level 5 Leader in Adult Care Apprenticeship can have on an organisation.

Duration 40 mins 11 secs


Nursing apprenticeships

The Nursing Associate is still a relatively new occupation introduced into the health and care workforce to bridge the gap between health and care assistants and registered nurses. It's a stand-alone role that will also provide a progression route into the Registered Nurse Degree apprenticeship. In this webinar we explore the role of the Nursing Associate apprenticeship and the Nursing Degree apprenticeship within your organisation. Could this be an opportunity for current health and social care staff to develop their skills and knowledge and how can you facilitate that?

Duration 39 mins 58 secs


How Apprenticeships can help recruitment, retention and succession planning

In this webinar led by Paragon Skills (a Ƶ endorsed provider) and including apprenticeship employers from the sector explore real examples of how apprenticeship have helped them to recruit and retain staff within the sector. We also look at how this has helped the process of succession planning within their organisations.


Duration 40 mins 16 secs


Social work degree apprenticeships and occupational therapy degree apprenticeships

The vast majority of people undertaking apprenticeship degrees in social work or occupational therapy are employed by local authorities, however this may not always be the case. In this webinar we explore more about these apprenticeship degrees and how providing more opportunities within your organisation can be beneficial to you and the apprentice.

Duration 33 mins 35 secs