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Meet the team


 Dave Griffiths

Dave Griffiths, BA (Hons), MSc
Head of Workforce Intelligence

Dave has led the team and worked with adult social care data since 2008, with a particular focus on organisational and workforce data.

He has worked on projects with the Department of Health and Social Care, health bodies, integration sites, the Care Quality Commission, local authorities, higher education institutions and many other analysis projects.

Will Fenton

Will Fenton, BSc (Hons)
Analytics Manager

Will has a strong background in maths and statistics with qualifications gained through university and through the Royal Statistical Society. Will has worked with social care data for several years and has managed Ƶ’s analysis team since 2016.

He has experience of working with a variety of different stakeholders including university researchers, statisticians, data scientists, local authorities, government departments and health bodies. 

Gary Polzin

Gary Polzin, BSc (Hons)   
Data Modeller 

Gary has a degree in mathematics and joined Ƶ in 2015. Prior to working at Ƶ, he was team leader of the data analysis department at an educational consultancy firm.

He leads on the workforce modelling process to produce the national estimates and deals with bespoke data requests from the Department of Health and Social Care and other clients. He is also responsible for providing workforce intelligence to various stakeholders such as Health Education England, iESE and Carterwood.

Tanya Fozzard

Tanya Fozzard, BSc, MRes
Team Leader - Analysis 

Tanya has many years’ experience analysing adult social care workforce information. She has a Masters by Research and a degree in Psychology, gained from the University of Huddersfield. 

Tanya has a keen interest in data visualisation, automation and ensuring our information is clear and engaging for users. She has experience in a variety of software but particularly enjoys utilising Tableau and Power BI to create interactive dashboards.

NFlemingPhoto bw

Natalie Fleming, BSc, MSc       
Team Leader - Analysis 

Natalie has a Masters degree in Petroleum Geoscience and has worked extensively in data analytics across multiple sectors including energy, geospatial and health.

Natalie is closely involved in continuing the development of our interactive data visualisations, particularly using Tableau. She also leads on reporting for Ƶ’s WDF service, as well as many external written publications.

Roy Price

Roy Price, BSc (Hons)       
Workforce Intelligence Analyst

Roy gained a first-class honours degree in environmental science and developed crucial skills to help with his career in analysis. This included using GIS tools to interpret spatial information. 

He is closely involved with responding to clients as queries are sent to the team, as well as developing new members of staff and delivering projects for the Department of Health and Social Care.

Sarah Davison

Sarah Davison, BSc (Hons), MSc    
Workforce Intelligence Analyst

Sarah has been analysing and interpreting adult social care workforce information since she joined Ƶ in 2007. She enjoys report writing and writing content for our website, in a way that our users can understand, that provides insight and creating key resources for the sector.

Sarah was a care worker before she joined Ƶ. She likes to see employers making confident decisions with information that we've provided.



Marion Holloway, BA (Hons), MSc
Workforce Intelligence Analyst

Marion has a Masters degree in psychology and has previously worked in academic research, teaching and as a support worker. 

She enjoys building reproducible analytical pipelines, streamlining the back-end of data visualisation processes, and automating tasks so the team can produce frequent updates for stakeholders. She is currently involved in writing a report on the analytical methods used within the team and developing her skills in data engineering using pyspark, terraform, and AWS.


Helen Liu, BSc (Hons), HND

Workforce Intelligence Analyst

Helen has a degree in Applied Computer Technology and Information Systems Design. Prior to joining Ƶ, she worked in the NHS (Primary and Secondary) as an analyst for just over 10 years.

Helen works on many of our internal KPIs and monthly reports. She enjoys exploring new technologies including Databricks, SparkSQL and Python as well progressing reporting processes using Power BI.


Anna O’Gara, BSc (Hons)

Workforce Intelligence Analyst

Anna has a degree in Neuroscience and is undertaking a Masters in Data Science for Health & Social Care. She has previously worked for residential social care providers, using data to support service users to achieve health and wellbeing goals and has experience delivering hands-on care during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anna enjoys developing new analytical skills and sharing knowledge with others, with the ultimate goal of improving the social care sector for the workforce and service users and raising the sector’s profile.

Graham Geddes

Graham Geddes, BA (Hons), MA, PhD

Workforce Intelligence Analyst

Graham has a background in research and has studied a PhD in Criminology. He has previously worked in data analysis in different sectors, including as a user researcher.

Graham enjoys working with workforce intelligence data in order to feed into the development of knowledge about the adult social care sector. He is particularly interested in how data is visualised, using software such as Tableau, to make it accessible and impactful to a wide audience.


Eliza McConnell, BIHTM

Project Manager (Relationship and Engagement)

Eliza earned her degree in Australia before moving to the UK. She is passionate about social care data and its ability to drive change. Eliza’s role is to engage with care providers and partners in the sector, to help them realise the benefits of the ASC-WDS service. She also works with stakeholders to ensure they are making the best possible use of workforce intelligence.




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