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Supervision is a critical element of the support provided to a NQSW and must provide within a safe, emotionally supportive space.

NQSWs' supervision must meet the which (as a minimum) is:

  •   weekly for the first six weeks of the ASYE
  •   fortnightly between six weeks and six months
  •   monthly between six months and the end of the ASYE

The supervisor

Reflective supervision must be provided by a registered social worker. The supervisor should be familiar with their own organisation’s supervision policy when providing supervision to a NQSW.

Each programme will have their own model governing who provides supervision. In some programmes it may be undertaken by the NQSW’s assessor, in others, the team manager and in others, such supervision is supplemented by group supervision facilitated by an experienced social worker.

The NQSW should receive supervision that facilitates their critical reflection and supports the management of their work. 

In some programmes these elements are delivered by different social workers e.g. the assessor providing supervision that promotes the development of the NQSW’s critical reflection capability and the team manager providing the case management supervision.


Shared supervision

The social workers involved in providing the supervision should liaise regularly to gain a full picture of the NQSWs progressive learning and development.

If there are any difficulties in this shared approach, then guidance should be sought from the ASYE co-ordinator and/or a senior manager.


Action learning sets to support ASYE assessors/supervisors - new dates June-August

We’re pleased to be able to provide more action learning development programmes for assessors/supervisors in child and family services. These ILM recognised programmes will be delivered virtually by our colleagues at the Centre for Action Learning. 

This programme is designed to provide participants with a robust introduction to action learning practices and insight into its unique benefits for personal and peer development. 

There is no cost to participants or their organisation as the programme is funded by the Department for Education. 

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