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Watch our recruitment and retention webinar and event recordings for individual employers employing PAs:

Planning, keeping safe, and being prepared 

Making sure that you have the right number of people with the right attitudes, skills, values and knowledge to support you at the right time is important and is an essential part of ‘workforce planning’.

Introducing the analyse – plan – do – review model and bring to life how people employing PAs can apply them. Hear about the benefits of ‘workforce planning’, understanding, assessing and managing risk and the importance of having a solutions-focussed contingency plan.

Duration 57 mins 44 sec


Recruiting and retaining PAs

Richard Reddington has had a direct payment for more than 14 years and lives in his own home in Lancashire supported by a team of five staff. His Mum, Tess, who manages the service, discusses recruitment and retention of staff, and how recent changes in the labour market have changed their approach.

Duration 13 mins 6 secs


Different approaches to attracting and recruiting PAs

Mell Sexton (supported by Helen Charlton from Project Art Works) talks about how they are using social media to attract personal assistants to a role supporting her brother. They also share a short video on Instagram.

Duration 13 mins 0 secs


Employing PAs: Knowing your responsibilities and PA rights

David Ashley from Mark Bates Ltd, the Independent Living Group, and Meredith McCammond from the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group summarise the legal obligations applicable to individual employers of PAs, including how to deal with your PAs pay and taxes in a compliant way.

Duration 32 mins 49 secs


Values Based Recruitment (VBR) – what does it mean?

Value based recruitment is made up of five key areas and this webinar talks though how to effectively attract the right people, shortlisting them, how to assess during the interview process if your values align and finally how to induct, develop and manage your new/existing PA.

Duration 5 min 45 secs


VBR: Articulate - Knowing what your values and culture are and sharing that with new and existing PAs

Explore what skills, behaviours and values you would want to communicate to your PA and hear from other individual employers who talk about their approach.

Duration 15 mins 42 secs


VBR: Attract - Advertising your roles to people who share your values

This video helps you to think about what makes you an employer of choice, reason why someone would like to work for you and what the best approach is to attracting your ideal candidate. You will also hear how and what other individual employers have done to find the right PA for them.

Duration 15 min 13 secs


VBR: Apply - Shortlisting and selecting PAs who demonstrate values in the application process

Find out what key things you should focus on when putting together a job description and application form to make sure you gather all the information you need from an applicant to short list for interviews.

Duration 9 mins 40 secs


VBR: Assess - Using values based ways of assessing if candidates share your values and are the right person to be your PA

Explore different value based interview questions to assess which applicant is the right one for you. This webinar also includes the Earl probing model with example questions to give you a place to start when thinking about the questions you may want to ask.

Duration 11 mins 6 secs


VBR: Assimilate - Inducting, developing and managing new and existing PAs to ensure they demonstrate the values and behaviours that matter in their PA role

In this video we look at the induction, development and managing part of the process for new and existing staff to make sure they demonstrate your values and behaviours in their roles​.

Duration 12 mins 27 secs


VBR: PA's perspective

Hear what PAs have to say about being employed for their values before their experience.

Duration 9 mins 41 secs