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New learning framework for knowledge, skills and values for working affirmatively with LGBTQ+ people in later life.

This learning framework for working with LGBTQ+ people in later life aims to provide a base for identifying the insights, knowledge, understanding and skills that the social care workforce need to help them work affirmatively, inclusively and effectively with individuals from gender and sexually diverse communities. This project was funded by Ƶ and was developed by Dr Trish Hafford-Letchfield (University of Strathclyde) in collaboration with the LGBT Foundation.


Duration 14 mins 41 secs




The framework includes a background on LGBTQ+ issues and awareness; a look at health and wellbeing issues later in life, including research about LGBTQ+ inequalities; information on providing personalised care and support covering topics of intersectionality, supporting people with dementia or HIV, and understanding intimacy and sexuality later in life; and recommendations for leadership, education, and service development to continue to improve care and support in this area.


Duration 11 mins 54 secs



How it can be used 

The framework is intended to be used by social care employers, employees, training providers, regulator, commissioners, policy makers and others to build their own knowledge of LGBTQ+ issues, to support colleagues’ understanding, and to create learning programmes which will allow teams to better support LGBTQ+ people in later life.

The framework will support social care services and organisations to:

  • include LGBTQ+ issues in the education and training of the workforce
  • include LGBTQ+ issues in the everyday care and support of people in later life
  • guide the aims and focus of LGBTQ+ education and training based on evidence
  • conduct a training needs analysis and design training which meets a minimum standard of performance and capability in its assessment and provision of care to LGBTQ+ individuals in later life and their communities
  • embed the relevant topics, areas, guidance and learning resources into its recruitment, induction, supervision, appraisal and career progression processes.


Duration 25 mins 17 secs



Case studies 

As part of our ongoing evaluation of the LGBTQ+ learning framework, SAND have produced a series of case studies in association with local care providers.

is a community organisation whose goal is to improve the experiences and increase the expectations of LGBT+ people as they age in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin.

We wish to thank SAND and acknowledge all those who took part and agreed to share their experiences. 

This case study highlights the factors at play in a local initiative to embed inclusion into the practice of organisations providing care services to people across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin.

Duration 12 mins 39 secs

This case study highlights why it matters to give thought and attention to a forgotten generation of LGBTQ+ people, so that they can be their whole selves in later life.

Duration 8 mins 32 secs

This case study highlights where and how care providers have actioned different subjects in the LGBTQ+ learning framework. Participants talking about practical steps, organisational change and impact on staff and people drawing on care and support.

Duration 7mins 9 secs



LGBTQ+ Good and best practice

Delivered in partnership with The Outstanding Society, this webinar includes representatives from the new OUT Standing Diversity Forum and the University of Strathclyde, sharing recommendations, advice and examples from adult social care services. It looks at how services can treat people as individuals, celebrate diversity, and support the wellbeing of the LGBTQ+ community within your service.

Duration 1 hour 16 secs



We are delighted to see the LGBTQ+ Framework as a tool that will drive continuous improvement in the vital area of equality, diversity and, importantly, inclusion. We welcome the Framework that will enable us as a care and support provider to further consider the needs and preferences of people using our services. On a practical level the Framework provides a structure for the continuous improvement of our learning resources and cultural awareness, as well as providing competence checks for use within our workforce development.

Sue Ascott, Head of Learning and Development
The Fremantle Trust


This long awaited and much needed ‘Learning Framework for LGBTQ+ and Ageing’ not only fills a gap but also provides an opportunity for real recognition of serious issues and a step forward in valuing diversity. Equality does not just mean treating people as ‘the same’ it means embracing and valuing differences. Good social care practice focuses on people centred outcomes, self-directed support in recognising individual identity and individual respect as well as strong cultural recognition, when working with people to meet their needs.

Luke Adams-Fallon
Independent Adult Social Care Consultant



Access the framework 

The learning framework and it's supporting documents can be downloaded below. These additional documents should be used to supplement the content found within the framework.

PDF - 30,346 KB
The framework identifies and articulates the key topics that should underpin best practices with LGBTQ+ older people and their carers in social care.


PDF - 511 KB
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans + (LGBT+) Care in Later Life: A short review of the research and evidence to improve inclusive and affirmative practice


PDF - 416 KB
Here you'll find a selection of audio visual pen learning resources, most of which have been co-produced and were made for exchanging knowledge and evidence with the public from research findings.


PDF 309 KB
A list of guides and reports on LGBTQ+ ageing and care which be used to provide more detailed information on the topics in the framework or as supplementary learning materials.


PDF - 155 KB
A list of relevant community based organisations.


PDF - 488 KB
Best practice principles on developing LGBT cultural competence in health and social care education.


PDF - 110 KB
Open resources to support best practices in designing, delivering and evaluating training.


PDF - 1,381 KB
Introductions to the LGBTQ+ community members with transcripts and audio downloads.


Evaluating the framework

As part of our ongoing evaluation, we'll be looking at how the learning framework is being used and any plans for creating additional training programmes or materials based on its content. 

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