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This April we’re #CelebratingSocialCare and the incredible people who work in care, and we’d love you to join us in our celebrations.

At Ƶ, we celebrate social care year-round but throughout April we’re celebrating a little bit louder and encouraging everyone else to join in.

Since 2022, we’ve dedicated the month of April to #CelebratingSocialCare.

People who work in social care are highly-skilled, passionate and hard-working and it’s important that we all take time to recognise this vital work and the impact it has in supporting people who draw on care to live their lives how they choose.   

Get involved

We’re asking as many people as possible to get involved in #CelebratingSocialCare in April.

You can get involved by:

We can’t wait to hear how you’re getting involved, don’t forget to tag us on social media and use #CelebratingSocialCare

Share your personal celebrations and shoutouts

Get involved with personal messages on social media sharing shoutouts for your colleagues or updates and photos from celebrations and events you’re running throughout April.

Make sure to use #CelebratingSocialCare in your posts and tag Ƶ so we can see and share them.

The type of posts you might want to share could include:

  • a thank you to your team or manager for all their hard work
  • a shoutout to a colleague for a recent achievement
  • a photo of your team or the people you support
  • an update of a recent activity or event you’ve run
  • a reason why you love working in social care
  • a message about why #CelebratingSocialCare is so important
  • any other positive news from your organisation.


Show your support for the campaign using our templates

As well as sharing your own personal shoutouts and updates on how you’re #CelebratingSocialCare, you can also show your support for the campaign by sharing some of the assets that we’ve created on your website, social media, and emails.

Use our suggested social media posts 

  • “This month we’re joining Ƶ in #CelebratingSocialCare and the incredible people who work in care.”
  • “I’m proud to work in social care and to be #CelebratingSocialCare this month.”
  • “Join Ƶ in #CelebratingSocialCare this month and recognising the important work of everyone working in social care.”


Host a special #CelebratingSocialCare event or activity 

Take the celebrations offline as well by running a special event or activity for your team, the people you support, or your local community. 

Ideas of activities you could run include:

  • a small staff awards ceremony to recognise individuals’ achievements
  • a coffee morning with staff, people you support and their families to share positive updates from everyone
  • an arts and crafts activity to create #CelebratingSocialCare artwork
  • a special day out for the person or people you support
  • a staff social event
  • an open day at your organisation for the local community to find out more about what you do
  • a video or photoshoot sharing updates from your organisation and the work you do
  • a #CelebratingSocialCare party for your team and the people you support
  • a celebration of special milestones for your staff or people you support, such as recent birthdays or work anniversaries.


However you choose to celebrate, we’d love to hear about your celebrations so share with us on social media using #CelebratingSocialCare and tagging Ƶ.


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