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Values-based recruitment

Values-based recruitment is an evidence-based approach that enables employers to understand a candidate’s values, behaviours and attitudes, and assess whether they align with the values, culture and expectations of the workplace.

Employers have told us that using values-based recruitment results in lower recruitment costs, positive return on investment, lower staff turnover and better staff performance. This toolkit maps out a step-by-step approach to develop and implement effective values-based recruitment and retention within your workplace.

The toolkit can be used by both organisations and individual employers. Have a look at our 'Values-based recruitment - What does it mean?' video for more information about using values-based recruitment as an individual employer.

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The 5As model

The 5As model has been developed to demonstrate the different stages of a values-based recruitment approach. Together the 'As' describe the full cycle of values-based recruitment and retention activities. Each section of the toolkit contains relevant resources to help you in each of these steps, and you can use our 'Values-based recruitment implementation review plan' to regularly review your progress.



Identify and describe your workplace values and behaviours then communicate them to potential and existing staff.


Advertise your roles in a way that attracts candidates who share your workplace vision and values.


Design your application process to ensure candidates can demonstrate their values effectively.


Use different selection tools to assess whether candidates are the right people for your roles.


Induct, develop, supervise and manage staff so they know what is expected of them and how they can demonstrate your workplace values in their work.



Further support

Ƶ provides a range of resources, guidance and events to help you recruit a skilled and loyal workforce.

Our locality managers work with adult social care providers at a local level to answer queries, signpost to relevant information, and resources and connect you to local networks and groups. 

Partners in Care and Health created the ‘’ guide, which showcases best practice and provides practical insights and advice for organisations wishing to adopt values-based recruitment.

The ‘Blogs and articles’ section of our website includes shared insights, ideas and inspiration from others working in the sector.

Our ‘Top tips for adult social care workforce retention’ is based on evidence and expertise from employers across the sector.

The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS) can provide using information about recruitment in your area, offering a benchmark for your own activity. 

We can support you to hire the right people and retain them by making values-based recruitment work for you through our dedicated programmes offering one-to-one support.