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If you’ve decided that an apprenticeship programme or qualification is the right route for a staff member you’ll need to find a learning provider to deliver this.

Choose a Ƶ Endorsed provider


Choosing a learning provider is an important decision to make. This checklist can help you choose the right learning provider. Good learning providers will be able to provide you with evidence to meet the following criteria.


Does the learning provider:

  • monitor, review and evaluate the learning on offer?
  • provide learning in ways that are safe, flexible and meet the needs of your staff?
  • have trainers or assessors who are suitably qualified and have relevant experience?
  • support you to make an informed decision about the most appropriate learning and development option?
  • support and assess learners throughout the programme?


Does the learning programme:

  • have a genuine impact on staff development and on the quality of life for people accessing care and support?
  • support progression to other programmes or qualifications?
  • use up-to-date legislation, guidance and best practice to shape content?
  • assess the learners' knowledge or skills fairly, accurately and reliably?
When selecting your learning provider, you should be able to answer "Yes" to all of the above questions.