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We conducted an evidence review and held workshops that explored workforce productivity in adult social care. Our findings have lead to the development of the Workforce Productivity and Quality Model. 

The model includes different sections on ‘things to measure’ ‘things to do’ and ‘things to help’, as well as considering the use of digital technology. 

Employers can use the model to increase productivity, improve quality and support and it aligns closely with the Care Quality Commission’s Well-led domain, as well as being relevant for non-regulated services too.

Commissioners and local authority quality assurance leads can use the model to work together with providers to increase productivity and quality with commissioned services and influence workforce planning and market shaping.

Research findings identify that an engaged, valued and well supported workforce, working within a positive organisational culture, has a positive impact on the quality of care and workforce productivity. We know that stress and burnout are tangible issues for social care and it’s never been more important to support workforce health and wellbeing.


PDF - 261kb

Help begin a conversation with employers and managers in adult social about workforce productivity, what it is and what could be done to improve it.


PDF - 413kb

A self-assessment tool, action plan and review templates using an Analyse, Plan, Do, Review’ model against a series of statements to help you to measure and analyse how effective your organisation is against each of the four pillars of productivity.

PDF - 410kb
This tool is a practical and easy-to-use self-assessment tool to work out what your organisation is doing well and not so well around the four pillars of productivity and identify areas for improvement.

Duration 12 mins