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In 2021, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) commissioned Ƶ to develop a specification based upon the existing Care Certificate standards for a new, accredited and portable qualification, the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualification. 

What is the Level 2 Adult Social Care qualification?

The Level 2 Adult Social Care qualification is an accredited qualification designed to provide a baseline standard to care, reduce the need for repeat training and give recognition to our care workforce for the professional career that it is.  

The Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualification is an Ofqual regulated qualification requiring observational assessment and is expected to take a new learner around 6-8 months to complete. An experienced care worker may complete this in a shorter period of time.  The qualification will be available to eligible direct care staff (those aged 19+ from 3 June 2024)


Why should I enrol my staff onto the qualification?

Currently 54% of direct care workers do not have a level 2 or above qualification. The introduction of the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualification will provide people in care roles with the most up to date knowledge and baseline skills required to support people well and succeed in their roles.   

For those who have been in the sector for several years and deserve acknowledgement for the skilled care they provide, the qualification will also provide a route for them to gain a recognised qualification. Investing in training and support for staff will act as an incentive for staff recruitment, retention and development within the workforce. 

This webpage will be continually updated with information about the awarding organisations approved to deliver the qualification. 



The pre-election period started at 00:01 on Saturday 25 May, during which time there will be restrictions on the conduct of government business. This arises from the special character of government business during an election campaign, and from the need to maintain, and be seen to maintain, the impartiality of the Civil Service, and to avoid any criticism of an inappropriate use of official resources. 

DHSC have assessed the position with regards to the proposed funding for the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualification. Having done so, DHSC have concluded that any decisions or wider activity relating to making that funding available should be suspended for the time being, pending fresh consideration by the government that will form following the General Election.  This pause relates to funding decisions and activity by DHSC only. 

Due to the restrictions placed on the Civil Service during the pre-election period, no further information, or communications, can be provided during this period. 


PDF - 95KB
Access general information on the new qualification. Updated 31 May 2024.
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Access the factsheet and FAQs for care providers. Updated 31 May 2024.


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Access the factsheet for care workers. Updated 31 May 2024.
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Access the factsheet for training providers. Updated 31 May 2024.

Awarding organisations developing the qualification

Several awarding organisations have now developed and had their qualification approved by Ƶ.

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View the list of current approved qualifications: Last updated 21 May.