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The Principles of Commissioning for Wellbeing level 5 qualification is centred around personalised and outcome focused approaches to commissioning designed to enable meaningful and fulfilled lives.

The course content covers a range of knowledge and its application to commissioning practice. Content is regularly updated and contextualised in terms of policy changes and so currently explores, for example, commissioning practice in the context of ICSs, reform and changes in charging policy. 

Learners will gain an understanding of:

  • the importance of co-production and wellbeing at every stage of the commissioning cycle
  • how to design innovative care and support and support services to improve
  • application of knowledge regarding the market, legislative requirements and population needs
  • effective practice in outcome-focused commissioning
  • commissioning within multi-partner systems. 

showed the positive impact the qualification has had on several aspects of commissioning practice.


Learning disability and autism 

A learning disability and autism version of the qualification has also been developed. The person-centred and outcomes-based focus of this qualification makes it ideal for considering how best to enable people with a learning disability and autistic people to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

This version is offered by both BCE and Hasca and can be accessed in the same way. Please state when contacting them if this is the version you are interested in.

Please note: This results in the same end qualification and is based on the same Highfield specification. The difference is that the content is delivered and contextualised to be specific for learning disability and autism in terms of policy, legislation and examples of commissioning practice and is run in separate cohorts from the generic qualification.


Who is it for?

The qualification is ideally suited for people with commissioning-related roles working in social care and health.

Social care providers with an interest in commissioning approaches may also find the course valuable. Learners will need to draw on examples of commissioning within the qualification, so links to local commissioners may be helpful.

The qualification is suitable for both new and experienced commissioners.



It takes on average between 9-12 months to complete.



We work with two Ƶ endorsed learning providers;  and  who deliver the qualification with co-trainer input from people with lived experience of accessing care and support or their families, and from commissioners working within health and social care. The qualification is assessed by Highfield Qualifications.

Course content includes a mix of individual and guided learning, learners will complete assignments in order to acheive the qualification. Learners will need the support of their line manager to be able to undertake the learning and portfolio activity required.

Download the full specification for the qualification.




The cost of the qualification is approximately £2,300 +VAT (please contact learning providers directly for exact costs). There are options to access funding support via Ƶ where the qualification is completed with Hasca or BCE.

Social care commissioners and providers

  • It may be possible to access  to claim back approximately two thirds (£1,300) of the full cost of a place on completion for both the generic and the learning disability and autism versions. Please note that learners would need to have completed and have had the certificate issued by Monday 31 March 2025 to be eligible to claim. Read more about changes to the Workforce Development Fund.

NHS commissioners

  • Ƶ are currently funding the full cost of a place on the learning disability and autism version of the qualification for NHS staff (this funding comes from the NHSE Learning Disability and Autism Programme).
  • NHS commissioners wishing to access the generic version of the qualification would need to seek alternative options for funding support (via their organisation or HEE).

Download a diagram with full details of current funding options. 



Please contact your preferred learning provider directly:
info@bcelearn.co.uk / : lynda@hascaltd.co.uk to express your interest in applying or to ask for further detail.

For other qualification questions, please email us on policy@skillsforcare.org.uk. For any questions about the Workforce Development Fund, please contact information.team@skillsforcare.org.uk.



Hear from others 

Hear what others have to say about the benefits of this course and how it contributes to making a difference. 

Duration 16 mins 40 secs


Duration 18 mins


Duration 4 mins


Duration 15 mins 10 secs