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If you can't find the information and support you need on our website, you can find the contact details for our specific teams.

Our lines are typically open 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday and we aim to respond to emails within two working days.


Advice line for managers

0113 241 1260RMAdvice@skillsforcare.org.uk

For all frontline social care managers, including registered managers, service managers, deputy managers and nominated individuals to support your organisation.



ASC-WDS support team

0113 241 0969 | ascwds-support@skillsforcare.org.uk

Support for employers using the ASC-WDS service. 




For information on the products sold in our bookshop and to support with any technical issues and orders. 



0113 241 1275 | endorsement@skillsforcare.org.uk

For questions about your Ƶ endorsement.




For all enquiries about any events bookings. 



0113 241 1275 | Finance.Inbox@skillsforcare.org.uk

For all general finance enquiries.


I Care... Ambassadors

0113 241 1275 | icare@skillsforcare.org.uk

Help, advice and technical support for the I Care... Ambassador service.


Information team

0113 241 1275 | information.team@skillsforcare.org.uk 

For general enquiries about workforce development across adult social care.

Read advice about Registered Manager qualifications .


Leeds office

0113 245 1716 | corporateresources@skillsforcare.org.uk

For other enquiries not covered by any of the specialist teams.

Our Leeds office is located at: Ƶ, West Gate, 6 Grace Street, Leeds, LS1 2RP 



Email marketing@skillsforcare.org.uk for enquires relating to printed copies of publications, issues and feedback regarding the website and subscription to our mailing lists.

For media enquiries please email our PR and Content Officer alexander.haswell@skillsforcare.org.uk


Ƶ support in your area

Our locality managers work with adult social care providers at a local level, as well as a wide range of other partners within the local health and care systems.

Find out more about your local support.



It's our aim to give the best possible service in all areas of our work. To enable us to do this, we need to know how you feel about how we do our work. We welcome your comments on any aspect of Ƶ’s service whether these are positive, negative or any suggestions for improvement.

To ensure consistency in dealing with feedback we have strict procedures in place for collecting, recording, responding to and reporting on feedback received.

Read our feedback policy.

To provide feedback please complete the online feedback form.