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Developing your workforce

Explore the importance of developing your workforce through skill-building and professional development initiatives. Learn how to enhance the skills of your employees for improved productivity and success in the workplace.

It’s important that staff are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to provide high quality care and support.

Investing in learning and development opportunities also supports staff retention. Workers feel valued because they can see you’re investing in them. Find resources and tools to support you with the development of your workforce.


Care workforce pathway for adult social care

The care workforce pathway will set out clearly what a career in social care means and the level of knowledge, experience and skills required to deliver high-quality, personalised, care and support. Find out more about the pathway and next steps.

Guide to developing your staff

Our guidance can help you plan, deliver and evaluate the learning and development you provide for your staff.

Care Certificate

The Care Certificate defines the minimum standards any adult social care worker needs to meet when working in social care. Find resources to support the delivery and assessment of the Care Certificate.


Apprenticeships can be used to develop existing staff or recruit new workers into your organisation. They also attract lots of government funding. Find out how your apprenticeships could support your organisation.


Qualifications can play an important role in learning and development and there are a wide variety available within adult social care to support the development of your workforce.

Ƶ eLearning

We’ve developed a range of eLearning modules to support the development of knowledge and skills in different areas, which are hosted on our virtual learning environment. Find out more.

Care topics

Tools and resources to support workers to gain the specialist knowledge and skills needed to provide high quality care and support.

Find a learning provider

Find a Ƶ endorsed learning provider to deliver high quality learning and development to your workforce.

Endorsement for learning providers

Learning providers can find out more about Ƶ endorsement – the bespoke quality mark given to the best learning and development providers within the adult social care sector and the exclusive benefits that come with endorsement.

Support for individual employers and PAs

Visit our information hub for tools, resources and funding opportunities dedicated to individual employers (IE) and personal assistants (PA) including information for individuals employers (IE) on developing their PA.