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Qualifications can play an important role in learning and development and there are a wide variety available within adult social care. 

Qualifications range from diplomas to smaller awards and certificates which are more focused on specific topics.

Diplomas and certificates

Qualifications are available for the adult social care workforce, from entry level into the sector and career progression. Find out more about the qualifications in social care. 

Diplomas are longer qualifications with optional modules develop knowledge and skills in areas of interest or the organisations’ priorities.

Awards and certificates enable workers to continue their professional development through qualifications and are shorter in length.


Assessment principles 

You can access information about assessment principles for qualifications in adult social care. Use of assessment principles create a consistent approach to the assessment of qualifications in the sector and support awarding organisations’ quality assurance processes.


Workforce Development Fund

Claim money towards the costs of employees completing adult social care qualifications and learning programmes from the Workforce Development Fund. Only qualifications approved by Ƶ can attract funding from the Workforce Development Fund.

Find a learning provider

We can help you to find high-quality learning providers. Ƶ Endorsement is a mark of quality given to learning providers who deliver high-quality learning and development to the adult social care sector.


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Approved qualifications have been developed in partnership with employers and Awarding Organisations, in line with our specifications and checked by Ƶ for consistency.