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Ƶ works with an expert group of people who have a learning disability and family members and/or carers of people who have a learning disability. Some of these people are also autistic.

The group gets involved in different parts of Ƶ’s work to help us to get better at what we do. The group meets virtually on Zoom every second Monday of each month in the afternoon. 


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Find out about the Workforce Expert Advisory Group, why it was created, its purpose and how it works. 


Apply to facilitate the group

We are looking for a team or organisation to run the Workforce Expert Advisory Group. The team that will run the group must include at least one person who has a learning disability. 

Find information about how to apply for this role on page 14 of this document. You will need to send your application by email to innovation@skillsforcare.org.uk.

Applications close at 12:00 on Monday 29 July 2024. 

If you are one of the teams that we might give the job to, we will ask you all to do an online interview and a role play activity. This will be held on an online meeting on Thursday 15 August, or another date that suits you close to that day. 


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Find a specification of what you would need to do to lead the group, and how much money is available, that tells you about how to apply.


We also work with an independent group of people who are autistic or have a work interest in autism. If you're interested in finding out more about the groups, please email policy@skillsforcare.org.uk



Members of the groups can claim a participation payment of £20 an hour for being part of the group, if they aren’t being paid by another organisation.


Other opportunities 

When we have other project where we want to work in co-production we ask people on our Expert Advisory Network. Anyone with experience of using adult social care or being an unpaid carer can get involved.

and tell us how you would like to be involved.