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A newly qualified social worker (NQSW) is a social worker who is registered with Social Work England and is in their first year of post qualifying practice. A NQSW can undertake their ASYE on a full time or part time basis (dependent upon their contract of employment).

The ASYE programme is designed to provide twelve months of developmental support for NQSWs. It’s important to understand that the ASYE is not a training course, it's a progamme to support the progressive development of social work practice. It's been provided because the profession values NQSWs and understands the importance of an effective framework of support at the beginning of their social work career.

We encourage NQSWs to be active participants in their ASYE programme. 


Assessment standards

The assessment standards for the ASYE programme are set out in the post-qualifying standards (PQS) (formerly known as the Knowledge and Skills Statements (KSS)) and the PCF at ASYE level. A NQSW evidences their progressive development to this assessment standard in a portfolio consisting of specific pieces of evidence



ASYE portfolio 

You are required to complete two critical reflections. 

  • First critical reflection (0 to 6 months)
    A suggested limit of 2,000 words and should include links to the PQS, PCF and have academic references linked to social work theories and methods as well as references to your organisation.

  • Second critical reflection (6- 12 months)
    A written piece (2,000 words) or a presentation and should contain references to the PQS, PCF, academic references, and policies/procedures/legislation.

There is Ƶ guidance if you choose to deliver a presentation, there is guidance to help you and also the feedback sheet that observers use that you may find useful.

PDF - 106Kb
Guidance on things you should could consider when writing your presentation and how to prepare for and deliver it 


Word document - 37Kb
Guidance on providing feedback to a NQSWs presentation and information about the the asessment criteria


Social Work England – Continuing Professional Development

NQSW's must be a registered social worker with Social Work England to start and complete your ASYE. Once registered you will be required to re-register with Social Work England (for an annual fee) at the end of November.

Meeting the  to re-register is essential. You can use the evidence from your ASYE to evidence your first years’ CPD.


NQSW forum 

Tuesday 10 September, 14:00-16:00 

The forum is an opportunity, for you as a NQSW, to share your thoughts and opinions about what you think works well and where there is room for improvement. 

This event is for all NQSWs from both adults and child and family services who would like the opportunity to influence the national framework of the ASYE programme. 



Group for Ethnic Minority Social Workers (GEMS) NQSW forum

Tuesday 17 September, 10:00-12:00

This forum is for newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) who self-identify as ethnically diverse. During the first meeting the group decided on its name. It’s open to NQSWs from both adults and child and family services. It facilitates discussion of issues which pertain to NQSWs who identify as ethnically diverse and to explore issues around working together, experiences of ASYE programmes and understanding of anti-racist practice issues. 


Research in Practice (RiP) and Community Care Inform (CCI)

Your organisation may be a member of and/or Community Care Inform. If so you will be able to access some useful information related to your role as a NQSW and your ASYE.

You can access your CCI log in for or dependent on your organisation’s subscription rights.