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Building confidence to improve equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) across your organisation, our ‘Creating an inclusive organisation’ elearning modules are for anyone working in social care who’d like to learn more about EDI. People from ethnic minority backgrounds often face barriers to career progression and the modules explore what these are.

The modules are primarily aimed at those from ethnic minority backgrounds as they’ve been designed to support learners to deal with specific challenges they may face in the sector, and to help build confidence to improve equality, diversity and inclusion within their organisation. However, the modules may be of interest to anyone, at any level, who is interested in EDI and how to improve this within their organisation.


Programme content

It consists of two elearning modules which are designed to develop leadership skills and promote career progression. All topics covered in the modules form part of an action plan which can be used by the participant to improve their learning and understanding but can also be used to educate colleagues and improve EDI within their organisation. 

Topics include:

  • an overview of equality, diversity and inclusion
  • discrimination
  • promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity within your organisation
  • leadership and management
  • personal branding
  • communication skills
  • career barriers and career progression.

It should take around four hours to work through the two elearning modules and you’ll receive a certificate once completed. 

The modules are an introduction to our flagship Moving Up programme which is aimed at Black and Asian minority groups, who are leaders or aspiring leaders and want to develop themselves and progress in their career at all levels, in all roles, in all types of organisations (such as voluntary, 3rd sector, private and community based organisations).



The two modules cost £90. 

Organisations with an Adult Social Care Workforce Dataset (ASC-WDS) account benefit from a 10% discount on the listed prices. Simply enter your ASC-WDS discount code when making payment to receive the discount. Email our ASC-WDS Support team if you need the discount code.

Eligible adult social care employers in England will soon be able to claim reimbursement for training costs for qualifying staff through the new Adult Social Care Training and Development Fund.


Bulk purchases

It’s also possible to purchase any of the eLearning modules in bulk at the following discounted rates. Please note that all organisations using ASC-WDS can receive a discount of 10% on a purchase of 1-199 modules. 

 100-199  10%
 200-299  15%
300-499 20%
500-999 25%

Please email nwdcapabilityandskills@skillsforcare.org.uk if you'd like to make a bulk purchase or to discuss the price for purchases of 1,000+ modules.


Accessing the elearning

To access the eLearning, learners need to  to their Ƶ account (or  for an account if they don’t already have one) and select the 'Virtual learning environment' button on the Ƶ dashboard. 

Learners can then select the relevant module and payment is made via Paypal or credit/debit card.

Each module (or the full bundle) is purchased on a 2-year renewable license, with enrolment access to the module for a period of 2 years from date of purchase. 

Please note that the modules used to be called ‘Forefront’ and so any reference to ‘Forefront’ is talking about the ‘Creating an inclusive organisation’ modules described on this page. 


License agreement

As a condition of purchase, you agree to the conditions of Ƶ’s Online eLearning License Agreement


If you have any queries or questions with regards to these elearning modules, please email leadership@skillsforcare.org.uk