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Ƶ's Principles of workforce redesign guidance is for organisations undergoing organisational restructure or transformation.

The guidance highlights the seven principles that set out the key things you need to take account of when changing the way your workforce works.

The ever-changing nature of adult social care means that commissioning and delivering personalised, preventative and good quality care and support services in any local area is an evolving landscape, requiring effective change and transformation.


PDF - 487 Kb

Each principle includes key things to consider along with a series of questions to ask about yourself and others and are useful for workforce leads and those involved in service transformation and workforce redesign across any size of organisation.


PDF - 563 Kb

This version shares widely available tools and resources that you can find on the internet to help you with implementing the principles.

PDF - 419 Kb

This version includes questions to ask yourself, for your workplace, partnership, or system and for organisations. You do not need to answer every question for each principle. None of the questions will elicit yes/no answers. You do not need to do them in order. You can also use some of these questions with your team/s to aid discussions.


PDF - 90Kb

This version of the resource provides a five-page overview of the seven principles. It offers a question to ask at each stage as well as recommendations for tools to help and an example of what good looks like.


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Evaluating the principles of workforce re-design

As part of our ongoing evaluation, we'll be looking at how the principles are being used.

If you're happy to be contacted in future, please email Innovation@skillsforcare.org.uk


Understanding 'The principles of workforce re-design': webinar

Watch this webinar to gain an understanding of ‘The principles of workforce re-design’; including why and how they were originally produced. You’ll learn about how you can put them into practice as well as find out about new versions of the resources we’ve recently published, and how the resources are being used by others.

Duration 55 mins 16 secs


Outcomes measurement framework

Measure the impact of workforce investment on the person-centred outcomes that services achieve. It provides a simple way of linking the impact and benefits of workforce interventions to measurable, person centred outcomes for people supported, organisations and the local community.

It can be utilised to measure change in the short, medium and long term and for both simple and complex challenges.

PDF - 304kb

Use the ‘Workforce transformation outcomes measurement framework’ to define the outcomes, actions and measurement of any workforce change programme.