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People drawing on care support have a wide and varied range of different needs and many roles require specialist knowledge and skills to ensure workers can provide high quality care and support.

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Medicines from the regulatory perspective - part 3

This webinar, delivered in partnership with the CQC, explores the regulations, best practice, advice and practical tools around medicines optimisation in all care settings. Three topics were covered during the webinar: paper and electronic medication administration records (eMAR), over-the-counter medications and homely remedies, and working with others (pharmacists, GPs and families).

Relevant at time of recording – 21 November 2023

Duration 58 mins 7 secs



Involving people in care planning – Practical and person-centred ways to involve the people you support

This webinar was delivered in partnership with The Outstanding Society. It provides insight into how other adult social care services involve people in different parts of the care planning process, ensuring that people’s needs continue to be met through regular reviews and support. Explore how Outstanding rated services directly involve individuals to ensure a service delivers outcomes focused person-centred care.

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Duration 1 hour 6 mins



Medicines from the regulatory perpective - part 2

This webinar follows on from the part 1 webinar below, but covers new topics including ‘PRN’ (when required) medicines including behaviour management, topical medicines including patch rotation, over-the-counter and self-administration and controlled drugs – risks and storage. 

Relevant at time of recording – 27 January 2022

Duration 53 mins 1 sec



Medicines from the regulatory perspective - part 1

In partnership with CQC, this webinar explores the regulations and best practice around managing medicines in care homes and domiciliary care settings. People accessing care services often require support with their medication and organisations have a responsibility to ensure proper and safe use of medicines and require that staff responsible for the management and administration of medication are suitably trained and competent. 

Relevant at time of recording – 7 July 2021

Duration 30 mins 32 secs



Managing bereavement

Focussing on bereavement and the experience of losing a colleague or a person you are caring for. Bereavement is the experience of losing someone important to us and is characterised by grief, which is the process and the range of emotions we go through as we gradually adjust to the loss. Claire Henry, MBE and colleagues from Ƶ discuss what bereavement in the workplace setting means and how we can support you including support to help you move forward.

Duration 27 mins 43 secs




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