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Our deputy manager networks provide a safe space for deputies, including team leaders and aspiring leaders, to connect with their peers, to share experiences, challenges and solutions and to learn with others.

Supporting deputy managers to grow

Deputies, team leaders and aspiring leaders are the managers of the future and our networks help them meet the challenges they face in their day-to-day work and to support them to be the best they can be.  

The networks help with feelings of isolation, offer valuable peer support and a safe space, as well as building and sustaining a community of peer contacts.

Network attendees will gain tools and techniques to develop their confidence and prepare them and their organisations with succession planning, which is key to ensuring that their service continues to provide well-led, consistent quality of care, both today and in the future.

The network and discussions will be relevant to deputies, team leaders and aspiring leaders across different setting and service types; we welcome all, regardless of their role, responsibilities, experience and abilities. Each network meeting will be virtual as most will cover a wide geographical area and are approximately two hours long.

They are facilitated by a Ƶ Locality Manager and will focus on themes and topics important to deputies, team leaders and aspiring leaders, and agreed with network attendees in advance, for example:

  • support to meet CQC requirements
  • ideas to improve recruitment and retention
  • wellbeing and resilience for themselves and for their team
  • delegation with confidence and dignity
  • self-confidence and personal effectiveness
  • equality, diversity and inclusion.

Deputy manager networks near you

Find details of your local deputy network including contact details and dates of future meetings.


I have found the deputy manager meetings very helpful and I have learnt so much about myself and how to develop in my role, I have now been promoted and find that things I have learnt I put into practice, and the support of the community we have is amazing. Thank you so much for all the help guidance and continued support

Deputy manager
Midlands network


Being part of the deputy manager group has really helped my confidence and made me believe in myself going through my cqc registration process. The support from the group was incredible when I was asking about the fit for work interview I had to complete to become registered as this was really playing on my mind. I was extremely grateful to have this support network behind me, they are always there for advice and to share experiences with. I feel very lucky to be a part of this group and enjoy the meetings.

Deputy manager
Midlands network


As a new manager I found it helpful to meet other managers, some in a similar position to myself and some highly experienced. It was nice to exchange ideas and discuss our experiences away from work.

Deputy manager
Midlands network


This was my first session and I really enjoyed it. It helped me feel more connected and not alone. The subject was interesting to talk through.

Deputy manager
South West network