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We know many factors go in to managing an adult social care service, we have webinars and useful resources to help in all areas of managing a service.

Choose a topic area of our managing your service webinars:


New managers - What resources and support is available

This webinar introduces new managers to the support and resources available from Ƶ and where you can find this information on the website.

Discover how Ƶ can support you with recruiting and developing your staff and explain the support available to help you effectively lead your organisation, develop best practice and keep up-to-date with guidance as well as how to further your own development and different ways to connect with peer support and expertise.

Duration 1 hour 39 secs



Integrated care - Practical ways to raise the voice of the adult social care sector

Drawing on experiences of Ƶ’s integration lead and providers benefitting from working with integrated care systems (ICSs), explore person-centred approaches and what the CQC might expect. It also focuses on practical ways to build mutually beneficial relationships to enable communities to work together in delivering integrated care. 

Useful links:

Duration 59 mins 27 secs



A caring culture – Practical ways to set and promote a positive workplace culture

Fostering positive cultures is critical to the performance, wellbeing, inclusivity and quality of your teams. Gain valuable insight into why having a positive, inclusive, compassionate and collaborative workplace culture matters and it highlights best practice and practical ideas for you to consider in your own organisations. Hear from an employer about their experience and the impact a positive and inclusive culture has been for their service. We also share the latest thinking about how you can make a difference, including building and embedding the Culture Iceberg Model and how to effectively demonstrate evidence to the CQC.

Duration 56 mins 39 secs



Providing evidence to the CQC

How do you prepare to have the evidence at hand for CQC assessments, monitoring and inspection?

Delivered in partnership with The Outstanding Society, gain insight into how other adult social services gather and share evidence with the CQC. From who to involve in this process, to how to manage and maintain robust evidence, you’ll hear from other frontline managers on their tried and tested methods. With live panel discussions and debate, you will learn how other services are adapting to meet the evidence requirements of the new CQC Single Assessment Framework.

Take a look at our GO Online: inspection toolkit for further support.

Duration 44 mins 16 secs



Good governance - the benefits of board and trustee support

Aimed at frontline managers and nominated individuals. Providing insight into successful ways to recruit Board and Trustees and showcases practical examples of how their expertise can benefit people, staff and managers. It also looks at how appointing the right mix of board members and trustees can add value to your service, helping you to meet the expectations of a well-led service.

Duration 32 mins 21 secs



Managing complaints - practical tips in effectively responding to feedback

In partnership with the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.

An introduction to the relationship between CQC and the Ombudsman, focusing on the importance of effective complaints handling and how learning from complaints can be used to drive service improvements. Best practice guidance is shared and resources and support available to managers is highlighted.

Duration 31 mins 20 secs



Practical approaches to working in partnership

Explore how the pandemic has helped adult social care providers establish new partners and successfully build upon existing ones. explore mutually beneficial relationships with a range of different partners, including examples from outside of the usual partnerships between health and social care.

Duration 30 mins 47 secs



Risk assessment - key principles to apply to protect your people, staff and service

Whether responding to the pandemic or other factors impacting your service, risk assessments are an important part of the day-to-day running of all types of adult social care services. This webinar provides a summary of the key things to build confidence in risk assessments and learn how to take positive risks even during challenging times.

Duration 29 mins 52 secs



Managing a service

Learn more about the many factors that go in to managing an adult social care service, and explore our guidance and tools to help.