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To assess the Care Certificate you must have a thorough understanding of, and direct experience in what you’re assessing.


Care Certificate assessors eLearning course

Created in partnership with Health Education England, the Care Certificate assessors eLearning course has been designed to support Care Certificate assessment.

It’s vital for assessors to have the necessary training and for them to fully understand their role and responsibilities within the process.

No formals are requirements are needed for a Care Certificate assessor however, this course has been designed to provide applicants with the correct level of skill and knowledge. 



Designed to support existing Care Certificate assessors in refreshing their skills, and for those new to assessing.


Course sessions

The sessions can promote good practice of Care.

  • Assessment principles - 25 mins
  • Assessing the Care Certificate in the workplace - 25 mins

A support guide for assessors is included and contains information needed by the assessor, reference to key points and resources available to support the delivery and achievement of the Care Certificate.


Accessing the eLearning

Hosted by Health Education England eLearning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH), the programme can be accessed via the e-LfH Hub.

Download the following guidance to find out how to access the eLearning course.

Please note: employers must ensure the Care Certificate assessor is occupationally competent in the standard(s) before they’re delegated the role to assess others.


Deliver and assess

The assessor document introduces the Care Certificate and provides an overview of how to deliver and assess it. You can use the self-assessment tool and reflective log with new workers before they start their induction so you can tailor it to their training needs.


Six assessment opportunites

We have also put together six assessment opportunities to help you further with assessing workers on the Care Certificate:




Online tool: Helping you to assess the Care Certificate

To help you assess and to support you with this role we have created a new online tool Helping you to assess the Care Certificate which will support you through every step of putting a new worker through the Care Certificate. This includes:

  • the Care Certificate standards
  • the Care Certificate assessor
  • assessment of the Care Certificate
  • quality assurance 
  • resources to support delivery of the Care Certificate