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The Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) role is one of the most important and senior professional roles in mental health services.

Access training and development for Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs).

AMHPs must undertake 18 hours of training each year to be able to act as an AMHP for a local authority under the Mental Health Act regulations. On this page, we are collating a range of training information, articles and webinars that will support AMHPs to meet their training requirements.

All training undertaken has to be authorised by the local authority that warrants each AMHP, so it is important to keep a record and check this with your local authority AMHP lead.


The first Yorkshire AMHP conference

The Yorkshire AMHP conference is a learning and development forum held three times a year for AMHPs across Yorkshire and neighbouring areas as part of the 18-hours training that AMHPs are required. This is the first virtual conference and is looking at some of the issues raised for AMHPs by the coronavirus pandemic.


The second Yorkshire AMHP conference

On this virtual conference, authors of the newly published AMHP practice handbook join the panel – Dr Kevin Stone (Head of Department of Law at UWE, Bristol), Dr Sarah Vicary (Associate Head of School of Health and Wellbeing and Social Care at Open University) and Tim Spencer-Lane (Lawyer, DHSC and the Law Commission advising on mental health and mental capacity law).

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AMHP leads – application of video/digital assessments within the Mental Health Act during COVID-19 (27 May 2020)

This webinar aims to support AMHPs in their decision making on the application of video assessments during the pandemic period, whilst maintaining the principles of the Mental Health Act.

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A series of ‘shedinars’ (webinars filmed in a shed) and podcasts by Alex Ruck Keen, Barrister, member of the MHA review working group and expert on the MCA and MHA.


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